Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher

Anjani Shah began teaching in Singapore in 1994 with encouragement from her teacher, the late Yogacharya Shri B K S Iyengar, whom she has been a pupil of for the past 36 years.


Anjani builds yoga community. Like Guruji himself, and all members of his yoga family, Anjani has always seen herself as a perennial student of yoga, and she thinks of the classes she conducts as everybody learning together, by sharing the experiences of asanas and lessons derived. Her teaching style and class format closely mimic the Bombay class that she had attended. To that approach she has added her compassion and intuition.

Anjani adheres strictly to the Iyengar way of teaching, 'getting it right - with props and support as you need'. An experienced and intuitive teacher, she is able to understand the constraints of each student, motivating them to push themselves within their own limits to gain the benefits of yoga.

For Anjani's class schedule and fees, please visit her website.


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