26 to 28 Oct 19

Bobby Clennell is back at our studio for a 3-day workshop!


Saturday Oct 26

7.30 to 9.30am: Standing Poses/ Healthy Hips

Standing poses build strength and endurance, giving us a good foundation for all of the other asanas. This class will focus on hip opening poses and learn to balance freedom with stability.

2 to 6pm: Active Forward Bends

These forward bends are energising, bring relief from anxiety and create much space in the lumbar spine.

Sunday Oct 27


9am to 12pm: Sitting Poses and Side Stretch Poses

You are as vital and vibrant as your spine is flexible. By combining lateral spinal extensions with spinal rotations, Bobby will take us through a practice that rejuvenates the spine and invigorates and refreshes the entire body


2 to 5pm: Propping Your Back Bends

When practising backbends, holding patterns can often prevent us from stretching the entire length of the front body or connecting to the mysterious intricacies of the back body. In this workshop we will use props to provide the support necessary to fully lift the chest and opening our internal space.


Monday Oct 28

Women’s Day


9 to 12pm

Bobby presents a class devoted entirely to women approaching, or going through, menopause. Just as physical and psychological disturbances occur when menstruation begins, you have to face them again when it comes to an end. You will learn to navigate through these transitions with practices that calm the nerves, restore confidence and uplift the mood. We will also explore the challenges and rewards of the post-menopausal phase.


2 to 5 pm

Bobby presents a class devoted entirely to women’s menstrual cycle. In this workshop we will adjust these poses according to a women’s needs. A woman should learn to understand herself. Why is it sometimes you don’t feel strong? Some days you can really get a good stretch. Other days, despite putting in the effort, you are floppy. We will learn to practice cyclically, in poses and sequences that bring emotional balance, and enhance the functioning of the reproductive and endocrine system, and health in general.


$450 (early bird payment by 30 Sep 2019)

$540 (payment made on/ after 1 Oct 2019)

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