During the 1988’s summer holiday in Singapore, my father brought my daughters and I to his yoga class. His teachers were a husband and wife team teaching at their home on River Valley Road.

On returning to Kansas City, USA, where I was working as a Respiratory Therapist, I signed up for yoga classes with Kathleen Coleton, a Hatha yoga teacher who often brought in senior Iyengar yoga teachers to lead workshops in the Kansas City area.

When I moved to Singapore in 1998, I tried various forms of yoga classes to feed my needs of learning yoga. I was hooked when I discovered Anjani Shah's yoga class at the Ceylon Road Temple.

Practicing yoga has been a great tool for me to create balance while working in a stressful business environment. I often shared my learning with my colleagues by doing yoga after work, at the conference room in the office. We had fun and benefited from the sessions. 


In 2014, when the opportunity arose to create Cocoon Studio, I envisioned it to be the space where people come together to share interesting life tools, while having fun!

I am truly excited that Anjani Shah, a dedicated senior Iyengar yoga teacher has chosen Cocoon Studio as the space to share her knowledge and wisdom.  

In 2015, Natsuko Yamamoto, a certified Iyengar yoga teacher, began teaching at Cocoon Studio, teaching in Japanese, Thai, and English. Her passion for yoga, her gentle style, and her cheerful and bright personality has attracted a loyal following.

In 2016, Trisno Widiyanto joined Cocoon Studio as a full-time teacher. Trisno is a certified senior Iyengar yoga teacher who taught Iyengar yoga in Singapore for five years before teaching joining Cocoon Studio. Trisno's keen observation skills, clear corrections and instructions, and his compassionate teaching style make him popular with yoga students.

Cocoon Studio has also been blessed to be able to offer Iyengar yoga workshops by senior teachers like Olop Arpipi, Judith Adank, and Jawahar Bangera, with more to come! Check them out here.

We hope more teachers and students will discover Cocoon Studio, and make Cocoon Studio a part of their lives in creating alignment and positive energy!



Linda Oei

Founder of Cocoon Studio




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