How I Have Changed from Practising Yoga

April 27, 2017

I started doing yoga 10 months ago.  Before yoga, my legs were weak, and I felt I was losing strength in my muscles and body.  After 10 months of consistent practice of yoga, I feel strength in my legs, I can walk better, and my posture has improved.

Nowadays, my friends and acquaintances, who knew me before my yoga practice, tell me they see a significant difference in my posture, the way I stand, the way I walk. I feel these changes as well. 

My thigh muscles are stronger, I can see my thigh muscles are more dense.  Nowadays, I can do handstand with the help of my teacher.  I am practicing to go into headstand.

The almost daily practice of yoga has changed my life. In April, I attended my first ever 4 day Iyengar yoga workshop in Penang with Zubin, a senior Iyengar yoga teacher. It was a positively eye opening experience! He was patient with me, guided me on correct alignment, and showed me how to use blankets as props.

My regular practice with Widi, a patient, experienced teacher, helps me to bring awareness to my body, and to continuously improve my yoga practice.





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