Yoga is for EVERY BODY

April 27, 2017


"I'm too stiff for yoga!" "I'm too old to do yoga!" "I am not flexible!" "I cannot touch my toes!" These are the common comments from people who have not started yoga classes.


The question is, "Why should we touch our toes to be able to go to yoga class?" The answer is, "it is not necessary and totally wrong to think that you need to be young and flexible to do yoga or to be able to touch your toes to start a yoga class."  In fact, yoga is even more interesting for those who are stiff, and not flexible.


Yoga is actually a form of friendly exercise for young and old, stiff and flexible bodies. Yoga is very understanding of all sorts of bodies.  Yoga can be beneficial for all of us.  It is an exercise that can generate courage. More than that, it improves our posture, health, immune system, concentration, confidence, boosts our energy and is also a form of stress release. It is also useful in cases such as back pain, knee pain, frozen shoulders, flat feet, body imbalance, scoliosis, stiff back, stiff shoulders, migraine, digestion, and depression.


In our yoga classes, we have a wide range of students. They came from exercise and non exercise backgrounds, from young age to older people, from weak and stiff, to strong and flexible bodies.


The beauty of the Iyengar Yoga program is that the teachers will guide you through your practice in class, and give you help using yoga props. Yoga props are useful for students to help and improve their yoga practice, so that every student can reach the maximum benefits of the poses. After regular practice over time, our strength and flexibility will improve. And our body, mind and soul will be united in a state of harmony.


If you are new to yoga, why don't you give our classes a try? In a few months, you can say to your friends and family, "I was stiff, but I can do yoga!" or "I am old, but yoga makes me feel young again!", or "Hey, after my yoga practice, I found out that I am actually quite flexible!" or "You know what? I CAN touch my toes!" 


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